first time fuck

By Sabango · Woman / Likes Women / Single

how i can fuck my girl first time and get her orgasms with my dick


Melakai / 27 / Man / Likes Women / Single

you must first edit your profile and set your gender as male...


Bulltoro / 51 / Man / Likes Couples / Single

My advice to you goes like this, be careful of what you do with your GF, learn not to cum inside her, I mean, the worst thing you want to do to do to some woman you love, is getting her pregnent. if you really care about your woman, teach her the art of oral. if you don't know what that is, you just let me know. don't use your pecker yet, it will get you in deep trouble.

Lili Feodorovna Nicholeav

Lili / 52 / Woman / Likes Men / Just looking

I agree with Melakai.

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