drink sperm from the glass

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my boyfriend wants to cum into a glass and watch me drink his sperm from a cup.Is it dangerous to drink cum from a glass.How to drink: at once or gradually from a few sips.He asks to drink slowly and to show sperm in my mouth before i swallow.what is in semen?boyfriend says that it is a real nectar and have lots of protein and vitamins.what to do?drink sperm from the glass or not?are girls drink sperm from the glass or not?If the sperm in a glass stand for a while in the cup.what happens?it is better to drink immediately or wait?


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Well from personal experience i would rather drink it immediately whilst it's warm than let it stand a while and go cold. Again i would rather do it all in one go as it isn't exactly like drinking champagne. There is no risk or danger from drinking cum from a glass providing there are no STI's present.

The consistency of semen alters after just a few minutes. As soon as it is ejaculated it can be quite thick however after just a short while it will become very watery. This is because it is mainly made up of water plus other trace elements of minerals and vitamins used by the body.

It is quite feasible to freeze it for later consumption.


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GG / 35 / Woman / Likes Women / Married

Lol. Not your thing then Shred, frozen semen?

Adrian (resident A-hole)

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i have to agree with shred's comment. definitely not for me. in any form.


Wec4ever (any Girls/ts Slave)

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i think its pretty hot. the girl knows that you enjoy it

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