My girlfriend gave head to another guy during spring break!

By Horny and Confused · Woman / Likes Men / Single

I was studying in my girlfriends dorm room when we both needed to take a break. She went running, she's in track, and I grabbed some food. I got back first and needed to look up something up. I realized she had left her email account open. I looked and one of her friends sent her a clip.

I clicked on the clip and it opened showing my girlfriend and her three friends in their hotel room during spring break. They were all wearing their bikini's and were comparing who had the biggest bulge in the front of their bikini. I started to laugh. Everyone was laughing hysterically when one of the girl's boyfriends arrived. His girlfriend screamed and took him by the hand into the bathroom. My girlfriend and her friends continue to laugh until the bathroom door opened.

The other girl had switched her bikini for her boyfriend's trunks. She walks out and has to hold the trunks up. She has to coax him to come out, and finally he does wearing her bikini, with a huge bulge in the crotch.

The girls all start to scream and laugh hysterically. One of the girls shouts she's not sure who has the biggest bulge after all. The girl in the trunks shouts she knows and starts to rub her boyfriends crotch. He brushes her hand away and tries to go back to the bathroom, but the other girls stop him. They all stare at his crotch and start poking it with their fingers.

The girl with the trunks on, can't stop laughing and squats down in front of him. She yanks the bikini down and starts to suck his dick. The other girls laugh and scream. The girl then yanks the bikini upward, trying to get the biggest bulge. The next girl quickly squats down and does the same thing, sucking on just the head of his dick for almost a minute, before yanking the bikini back up. The third girl sucks on his dick for 10 or 15 seconds before yanking the bikini up. Then my girlfriend kneels down, yanks the bikini bottom down and just pops his whole dick into her mouth. The other girls are laughing hysterically as tears run down their faces. My girlfriend then sucks hard and pops it out of her mouth. By now, he's semi-erect. The girl in the trunks screams "not yet" and my girlfriend laughs and sucks on him, taking him all the way in her mouth. She starts to bob her head and after 2 or 3 minutes, she slowly takes him out of her mouth and he's fully erect. My girlfriend looks up at him and playfully licks just the tip of his dick for a good minute, then pulls the bikini upward, over his erection. The bulge is huge and all the girls laugh until the camera shakes and goes out.

The clip resumes with him, the girl in trunks and my girlfriend in the bathroom. The other girls try to open the door, but they keep on shutting the door on the camera. Finally the girl in the trunks opens the door and says the bulge is gone. He turns around on his erection is gone. The camera moves in on my girlfriend who has her mouth shut. She opens her mouth and shows a mouthful of cum, shutting her eyes, she swallows, then opens her mouth as all the girls groan.
The clip ends.

By this time I was excited and angry at once. My girlfriend comes back from her run in her little shorts and we have sex right away. She's surprised by me, but I just felt so consumed with lust I couldn't take it. As she showered, I copied the clip and have it safely stored away.

I don't know if I should say anything to my girlfriend or not. I love her and want to marry her and the idea of another man's dick in her mouth turns me on and gets me angry. I would love to have seen it in person. I have brought up, lightly, the idea of having threesomes, but she's not interested. Said I tell her I've seen the video or not? I can't stop thinking about the blowjob and her swallowing another guys load.


Friend5544 / Man / Likes Men / Single

Look at it this way... She didnt tell you she sucked that guy's dick. She hid it. If she was honest then she should have told you. You should dump her. Just think what if she does this after you marry her? What if she progresses to allow another guy to fuck her? Can you tolerate that? Please dont just think of immediate future but think of next few years. Do you want to marry such a girl who is so blatantly dishonest? She totally denied being into threesome. What if she fucks some random guy who has some disease? What if that clip is circulated by her friends? You'll be a laughing stock. Cheating is like bunking classes, once you start, you cant stop. Just dump her. Trust me you dont want a relationship where you are constantly suspicious of your partner. It'll affect your studies and work.


Robgod / Woman / Likes Men / Single

I think u should video tape yourself licking another chicks pussy and "accidently" leave it for your gilfriend to see. When she gets upset and claims that your an asshole and the bad guy you can bring up the video you saw and rub it in her face. No seriously, take your dick out have her suck the cum out of it and rub it in her face, giving her a nice little dickslap while your at it, she might like it!


12GAUGE / Man / Likes Women / Just looking

Rob has sum GREAT IDEAS here for getting even with your hot slut gf.



Needs_it_bad / Woman / Likes Men / Single

that's hot!! can you send me the video? =))

Brian Long

Brian / Man / Likes Women / Single

My kinda woman.


WhatIsAFemaleOrgasm / Man / Likes Women / Single

It sounds like it came straight out of a porn video



Toxic / 37 / Man / Likes Women / Single

Have you ever thought of kissing your girlfriend with a mouthful of another guy's cum? Everyday of your life? Think about it, when you've made up your mind then reply soon as you can here... We'll wait for that...


Takeastand / Man / Likes Men / Single

Send the evidence to me an I will investigate this for you friend hit me back an I will send my email add


Caveman5 / Man / Likes Men / Single

Hmmm.... your caught in a rock and a hard spot. I would be excited to Fuck my girlfriend (if I had one) with another guy but could never bring myself to do it cause of the anger. However you seem to be a little less angry than I would have been. Overall what she did is cheating and grounds for a full dump. The cheating she did could lead to way worse lie's. One she told you she was not into having a threesome and then had one. Then she did not tell you about the experience she had. I'll assume that a fair amount of beer was also involved. It's also not fair for her to act out one of your fantasy's without you, this is just my opinion. I would say dump her cause of the risk for further lie's. I mean do you want her to get prego one day then find out its not yours or something, that's not fun, my ex-fiance did this to me. But if your going to date her you need to confront her about this and tell her the reasons why its not cool and not ok but also tell her the reasons why it is cool and ok. Then set limits and see if she can follow them. Goodluck, if you ask me are you sure you didn't have one to many beers and then watch a porn, lol!


Gamerbytrade / 39 / Man / Likes Men / Single

ok think of it like this , it got you excited , but you got mad cause it was behind your back , maybe you should be honest with her and yourself tell your upset that it happened but tell her how excited you were and maybe that could be something you both discuss about an open relationship something you both can have fun with,


TrueLoveSwallows / Man / Likes Women / Single

Ask her why she won't do a three way but will give head to a perfect stranger. After faking that she thinks you're nuts and don't know what you are talking about, tell her that you saw the clip her girlfriend sent. Let us know how it comes out for you.


Askyourself1331 / Transexual / Likes Transexuals / Single

Ron Paul has a better chance of becoming president than this story actually turning out to be real. OH I JUST DECIDED TO COME BACK AND CHECK ON "SOMETHING" WHEN MY GIRLFRIENDS EMAIL WAS THERE. be more creative you fat virgin prick, instead of trying to get people that are already in relationships to question their girlfriends going on vacation so you can get hits on this lousy site


Askyourself1331 / Transexual / Likes Transexuals / Single

Ron Paul has a better chance of becoming president than this story actually turning out to be real. OH I JUST DECIDED TO COME BACK AND CHECK ON "SOMETHING" WHEN MY GIRLFRIENDS EMAIL WAS THERE. be more creative you fat virgin prick, instead of trying to get people that are already in relationships to question their girlfriends going on vacation so you can get hits on this lousy site


Sevenplus / Man / Likes Women / Single

I'd confront her and see how she reacts. Then I'd discuss the fact that it excited you but that it also disturbed you because she did it behind your back. You might just come to a point where she could have a little side fun and you could both get a benefit...That would be my ideal since I love a girl who will have sex with other guys, as long as she's honest about it...


Priapus / 24 / Man / Likes Women / In a relationship

dump her.
it says it's been over a year. what've ya done?


Greyinall / 37 / Man / Likes Women / In a relationship

Toxic, nailed it there!!!!!! Its bad enough that we dont rreally know what our partners have or have not done in the past before us, unless they were totally honest, ummm yea ok!!! Now that you have seen it, you know whay she has done, Id say dump her, but then again you do get turned on by it soooo, Chooose wisely!!!!!!!!!!


Motorhead168 / Man / Likes Men / Single

If this story is actually true I'd love to have an update from the guy to see if he worked things out with his slutty GF or what happened.


Godffreypratt / Man / Likes Men / Single

She sounds like a classy lady; a real catch who obviously thinks the world of you. What a doormat...I mean ...what a lucky guy you are.


Fuck_that / Woman / Likes Men / Single

She's a slut and you obviously can't trust her. Why would you want to marry a girl that'd just sleep around and betray her bloke to provoke s giggle from her friends?!


Admin Dirk / 35 / Man / Likes Women / Single

Oh my! Well that was a great spring break for her I'm sure. Did she come back and tell you how much fun it was? Eeeeek!


Chris / Woman / Likes Men / Single

You are probably mad some because she did cheat on you & most guys don't want to share their girl with another guy. If it doesn't bother you about the action then you should bring it up & talk about it. But if it bothers you then you should forget about it if you want to move on. Or talk to her about it. If you don't you will have that in the back of your mind every time she goes on vacation/trips with other girls. You want 100% trust.


Hurp / Woman / Likes Men / Single

Grow a pair and dump her.

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