7 Things Women Should Not Stick in Their Pussies but Do

By AskMyGF · 28 / Woman / Likes Men / Single

Have you ever noticed that some women have vaginas that are more like black holes than cum caves? There are just some things that should not fit in the human body, yet many women out there push it to the extreme. Here are some things that should not fit in between a woman’s legs but have actually been in there…all the way.

1. Footballs
This is actually a more common sight than you’d think. I guess for those women looking for an orgasmic field play, a simple dildo just doesn’t make the touchdown.

2. Fists
Fisting is a new trendy fetish where a man literally shoves his full fist into a woman’s no-no hole. The guys that are really good at this are the ones that make orgasm sounds for the women like ventriloquists.

3. Double Ended Dildos
While one end of a double ender is all fine and dandy, being able to shove a full 14+ inches of sex toy in your vag is a bit extreme. What’s the other girl gonna do if you’re hogging all the fun, hmm?

4. Coke Bottles
Sure they have a small tip, but damn! The whole thing? If I ever encounter a dick as wide as a 20 ounce bottle of coke, I feel sorry for the dude that has to walk around with it all day.

5. Tennis Rackets
Ok here the whole thing didn’t go in…just the handle. Come on people, you think I’m trying to make you puke?

6. Baseball Bats
Talk about a home run. Women shoving baseball bats in themselves just gives a whole new image to the major leagues.

7. Hairspray Cans
For times when you want your pubes looking their best, a little spritz of hair spray will hold them in place. While you’re down there, why not shove the whole bottle into the hole that’s conveniently close by? That makes so much sense.


Joelface / Woman / Likes Men / Single

You've been watching too much fetish porn if you think this is what normal women really use to masturbate.


AskMyGF / 28 / Woman / Likes Men / Single

Lmao, I never said normal women use this...it was a "this has happened" sort of situation. I'd personally like to commit any woman who shoves a football in her vag on a frequent basis.

Wec4ever (any Girls/ts Slave)

Wec4ever / 26 / Man / Likes Transexuals / In a relationship

ahhh ouch.

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