Online Dating Surge Seen During Snow Storms

Did you know that the use of hookup apps surges during snow storms? There's one city where a lot of people get laid every chance a blizzard comes around!

When the power goes out and there's next to nothing left for people to do, they often turn to their phones to entertain themselves. If you think they are simply playing the famous Words With Friends game, think again. They are doing something much dirtier and if you think they aren't then you better think again. 

Online Dating App Use Soars This Winter

According to some of the studies that I've read these days, online dating app usage is at an all-time high this winter. Even more interesting is the fact that during snow storms, the use of hook up apps seems to sky rocket! According to a recent article published by Sex Dating Apps, one dating app alone saw an increase of 139% more usage than normal. 

What exactly does that mean? Well, it tells me that people are lonely and they want to take full advantage of their snow day and they'll go above and beyond to plow during that day. I'm not talking about plowing snow either if you know what I mean! 

Some more stats for you, according to the article, during a snow storm in Philadelphia, PA, one of the dating sites saw a huge increase in the amount of messaging that was taking place through their network. The increase was a whopping 342% and this led to more people having sex in the city during the snow emergency than one would ever think. 

I personally would have never guessed any of this. In fact, I would have thought that the actual usage would have decreased during these blizzards. Turns out that people like to get laid no matter what type of weather or how extreme. Given the winter that we've had, I can see a whole lot of people getting busy for the next couple of month because I don't see it stopping anytime soon! 

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