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I've really been into masturbating lately! I spent four years in an all-girls school and I felt so self-conscious because I shared my room with another student. I tried to sneak one every now and then but I could never get myself to orgasm. Now, I've graduated and I'm on my own. I've been dating and my sex life in that regard is great. But, when I'm home alone with nothing to do, I masturbate. I've also started looking at my vagina in the mirror and pleasuring myself while I do this. Now, I've come to a brick wall of sorts. I heard about G-Spot and I know some of my friends can find theirs but I can't seem to hit mine. I reach orgasm mostly by clitoral stimulation and that's been fine for me. But, when I try to use dildos or G-Spot toys, nothing goes on down there. Do I have a G-Spot? How do I find it?


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I am a guy... BUT, from what I understand, girls can have different kinds of orgasms. I've been with girls that when it comes to clitoral stimulation they didn't feel much and only got off through penetration (hitting the g-spot) and vise-versa. It very will maybe that you just don't work that way. But what do I know, I'm a guy and this is only a comment, not an answer right?


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3. The G-spot might be the most debated and talked about phenomenon when it comes to women and sex. Does every woman have one? Some people think so, and some aren’t so sure. Even different types of doctors argue about it, some saying that women experience excited vaginal orgasms, so there has to be a G-spot, whereas other doctors look at the anatomy of women, and can’t find any physical proof of the magical G-spot. So who is right? At this point, it is pretty much up to the individual woman to figure out what is most pleasurable to her body. As you probably already know, there are different kinds of orgasms: clitoral orgasms, which you have been having (triggered by rubbing, touching, and/or licking of the clitoris), and vaginal orgasms, which happen when something is inside your vaginal, and hitting the area behind the pubic bone. It is best to think that ANY type of orgasm will probably involve the clitoris in some form, because even doctors who believe in the G-spot think it may be an extension of the clitoris. So, when focusing on trying to have a G-spot orgasm, don’t leave the clitoris out!
Before you and your boyfriend go hunting around for it, it is best to try and find it on your own. There are a lot of books and exercises dedicated on the subject of finding the G-spot. The first rule of all of these is basically this: do NOT put yourself under pressure. You have lots of time to figure this out. For instance, take a night, soak in a hot tub, and get yourself totally relaxed. Light some candles, put on sexy music, whatever gets you relaxed and in the mood. Then, lightly touch yourself for 5 to 10 minutes, stroking the inside of your thighs, your stomach, and the top of your mound. Every night, build more and more upon this, until you put a finger (or vibrator/dildo) in your vagina. Thinking about being totally relaxed and building on your stimulation may have you find your G-spot. When you put in a finger, think about making a ‘come hither” motion; this is a way a lot of women have found their G-spots, or their more sensitive vaginal areas.
However, if you do NOT find it, don’t despair. Many women never have a G-spot orgasm, and they have healthy, rich, hot and satisfying sex lives.

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