jerking off after a massage

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Do a lot of guys masterbate right after getting a massage from a woman? I've got a couple massages at spas and it is hard not to stay hard while getting one. Of course, you have to pick the attractive woman to give it to you. Once they walk out of the room, i grab some of their lotion and stroke it off, quickly so they don't hopefully know, and then get dressed. I let my dick get a little soft and then walk out acting like nothing ever happened. Is this common? Also, are their really happy finishes at some establishments? if so, how do I know where to go to get one?


AskMyGF / 28 / Woman / Likes Men / Single

No idea about the happy finishes, but Nick Swardson (a comedian) does a standup about it. It has to be partially true. As for the jerking off after the massage thing, I think everyone whacks off at weird times on occasion. If the massage does it for you, so be it. You probably like the thrill of jerking it and not getting caught. It's like people jerking off in public restrooms. The thrill makes it all worth while.


Al_gore / Woman / Likes Men / Single

Al was hoping for it and it got botched by the massage therapist..

Jerk Me Off

Jerk / Woman / Likes Men / Single

so they know i'm masterbating while they wait for me? that is kind of cool.

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