How do you get a back massage to lead to sex?

By Jackie · Woman / Likes Men / Single

I have a really bad back and my boyfriend gives incredible back massages. All I have to do is ask and he'll give me one. The problem is because we both work it is usually late at night and we're both tired, so he'll go straight to bed after one. Once and a while he will cop a feel jokingly, but for some reason it turns me on and then I am left awake and horny. How do I get it to turn into something more after he gives me a good rub down?


Jersey1 / Woman / Likes Men / Single

i would start talking a bit dirty to get him in the mood as well. guide him vocally and maybe even manually as to where you want & like to "massaged"...i'm sure he'll gladly take the bait!


Exokisa / Woman / Likes Men / Single

When I'm getting a massage that I'd like to lead to something else, I'll squirm or move my hips a bit. This is especially effective if the other person is straddling you. I might even start moaning softly. Sometimes I'll ask for my ass to be massaged or my breasts. If you know that he can't resist a certain part of your anatomy, you want his hands on or near that. If he's not taking any of your subtle or not-so-subtle clues, just tell him flat out that you want him to make love to you/fuck you, whatever makes you both hot. Have fun.


Xtinacicchelli / Woman / Likes Men / Single

Nothing says lovin' like a sensual back massage to start you up! It's time for the two of you to take it to the next level, and that means you need to tell him that his brand of back massages put you in the mood. Express this while he massages you - be flirtatious and playful so that the massage leads right into sex. Your boyfriend can also up the ante by learning more about erotic massage; that way you can explore different sensations and see if it's not just your back that needs his attention. There are several books that discuss different techniques, but for quick reference I would visit From setting the mood to using lube and oils, this website is extensive in helping your boyfriend improve his technique. Once you're upfront about your desires with him, then you can start implementing back massages into your sex life.


Superdude / Woman / Likes Men / Single

Ah,the old let me give you a back rub routine,lol!I used to do that with my ex all the time.I'd start her out with an innocent back rub,saying that she deserved one because she worked hard,and she'd gladly accept.Eventually though,my hands would "slip"and I'd end up getting her so hot she'd jump me.ExoKisa and Tereesa have the right ideas,my ex used to do all that stuff too,it led to some really great sex!Good luck and have fun!


Tintin_42 / Woman / Likes Men / Single

My boyfriend used to go to a massage parlor everytime he is stressed to get rid of it. But actually I'm against it because he has a strong ticklish sensation in some of the part of his body that's why I don't want anybody to touch him. Not only that but he's also very sensitive and get easily aroused. I'm a jealous type of person- now, he don't want me to know that he still go to a spa for massage bec. he knows that I'm going to get mad. I need your help! I want to know a lot about the steps and techniques in doing a massage - I'd rather be the one to give him one . I once plannning to enroll on one of the massage parlor in our area but it's a little expensive and besides, I was so preoccupied and have no time. I also don't want him to know that bec. he'll just laugh at me. Thanks a lot and hope I'll get some feedback. Godbless

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