How to Have Sex When Your Man Isn’t Circumcised

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The ancient practice of circumcision has become increasingly controversial in the United States in the last several decades for a variety of reasons, and as such circumcision rates have dropped noticeably.  In fact, circumcision rates for men in the Baby Boomer generation was incredibly high, but from the 1970s on the rates at which the (typically unnecessary) procedure is performed has been steadily declining to the point that now fewer than 60% of American men are circumcised.

For women who don’t have the benefit of locker room shower experiences, however, the circumcised penis is still the (pardon the expression) rule of thumb when they conjure up an image of the male genitalia – especially if they’ve been exposed to American-made porn, which features the beveled head of a circumcised penis on almost all male porn stars.  As such, more than one modern American woman has been known to give a quizzical or confused look upon confronting her first uncut cock as she inevitably thinks, “What the hell am I supposed to do with that?”

What’s Going on Down There

Essentially, circumcision is simply the removal of some or all of the foreskin from the end of the penis.  In many cases this surgical procedure is done for religious reasons, but over time it became a popular procedure among people of other faiths because it lessened the chance of disease.  (Note: A non-circumcised penis is only at higher risk of disease if the male practices poor hygiene in the modern world where frequent bathing is the norm; otherwise, this is a non-issue.)  If a woman wishes to better understand the difference  between a circumcised and uncircumcised penis, consider that it is akin to removing the hood of the clitoris, which becomes engorged with blood and emerges slightly from the hood when aroused.

Differences in Sexual Activity with Circumcised v. Uncircumcised Penises

While women may find it surprising due to the significantly different appearance between circumcised and uncircumcised penises, there is essentially no difference between the two when it comes to sexual intercourse.  Many uncircumcised men do, however, hold that their penises are more sensitive and therefore experiences more pleasure because there are more nerve endings.

Concerning the experiences of women who have slept with both circumcised and uncircumcised men, there appears to be little difference in sensation.  Some women report that they prefer the beveled head of a circumcised penis, while others find more pleasure in their uncut counterparts.  In general, however, there seems to be very little – if any – difference in the way a penis feels inside the vagina despite its circumcision status.

Considerations with the Uncircumcised Penis

Uncircumcised men – and women who have slept with men from both camps – say there is no significant difference whatsoever in how you “treat” the penis, whether you’re engaging in oral sex, a hand job, or penetration.  However, one consideration that uncircumcised men should take into account is that hygiene is particularly important for both their personal health and the pleasure of their partner concerning oral sex, since an uncircumcised penis that is not completely and regularly cleaned can retain unpleasant odors.



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Well said joelface
To all you women who are so narrow minded and are judgemental about uncut cock have a think about this before you open your mouths,there are more folds of skin in the vagina that a foreskin but do us guys go we don't and i hate the fact that men who are uncut are treated like freaks,get this through your head girls,the foreskin is suppose to be there,we are born with it just like you are born with a vagina with masses of skin in and around it and to say a girl can clean herself and a guy can't is a load of crap,i have been with lots of girls who can't clean themselves and yes they smell,its basic hygiene for both boys and girls,we both can be equally unclean if not taught how to clean ourselves properly,so stop looking down on men with foreskins we are born with it and its natural,circumcision should be banned just like female circumcision was banned,get over yourselves


Joelface / Woman / Likes Men / Single

I'm sure this article is well-intentioned, but I do have some feedback.

Circumcision rates haven't dropped because it has become controversial. They have dropped because people began to understand that the puritanical justifications that started the non-religious practice in the country were not adequate. They realized that no medical organization in the world recommended routine infant circumcision.

What actually began non-religious circumcision (back in the 1800s) was the belief that it would stop boys from masturbating. I'm sure you've heard the belief that masturbation caused hairy palms and blindness. They used to really believe that, and though circumcision would stop people from doing it. We know better today.

There is absolutely a difference in sexual function. The foreskin is mobile, meaning it moves back and forth. This functions like a built-in, natural lube. It reduces the abrasive friction that can occur during sexual activity, which means less chaffing, less soreness, and more comfort for both partners. It keeps sex wetter and smoother, all while increasing skin-to-skin contact.

Whether every girl consciously realizes this point or not is irrelevant.

It is also not just a belief of some men that the foreskin is sensitive. The foreskin contains THOUSANDS of fine-touch nerve endings, like those found in the fingertips and lips. Cutting off a body part like that does... LITERALLY... remove sensitivity. A lot of it.

Beyond that, the foreskin also protects the head of the penis, keeping it moist and sensitive. It is easy to prove as well, have a man walk around with his foreskin retracted and he'll find it uncomfortable, just as some women would feel to have their clit rub against clothing all day long.

I suppose this article prefers to wax poetic about the 'beveled head' of a circumcised penis instead of explaining this type of thing.

I also take issue with the use of the word "uncircumcised"... A man who is not circumcised is no more uncircumcised than a woman who has not been circumcised. I doubt many women would like to be called uncircumcised, so why is it okay to label man in his normal, intact state as such? I know it is common usage in this culture, so I don't intend this as an attack at the author. Instead, I urge you to question the language used when discussing this topic, because it can appear very pointed, without anyone realizing it. Having a foreskin doesn't make someone "UN" anything.

During sexual activity, it is a good idea to start gentle and pay attention to your partner's feedback to see what they prefer. Remember to use the foreskin as a "buffer" between your hand and the head of the penis. Don't pull the foreskin back too hard, because it can be painful. Ask questions. Learn from your parnter what they like, because everyone is different.

One consideration that uncircumcised WOMEN should take into account is that hygiene is particularly important for both their personal health and the pleasure of their partner during oral sex, especially since an uncircumcised VAGINA that is not completely and regularly cleaned can retain unpleasant odors.

How about you further the stereotype about hygiene some more by giving us some more extremely obvious advice. "BE SURE YOU CLEAN YOURSELF OR YOU MIGHT STINK!" Thanks tips.

It takes more effort to wash an uncut vulva in the shower than an intact penis... plain and simple.

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