How To Dress Sexy For Your Boyfriend Or Husband

Whether you are in a long term relationship or a very new casual sex relationship, you need to dress to attract your partner enough to want sex. These tips should help women dress sexy enough to really turn on their boyfriend or husband!

Let's not beat around the bush here. This post is for the ladies today! I've spent the majority of my time posting for men. Mostly revealing the best sex dating sites and tips to help them hook up. You know, revealing stuff like how to attract women and other sex-based posts that leave women high and dry. Not anymore! This post is about looking hotter for your man. It's mostly for people in a longer term relationship. Most men pay close attention to what women are wearing.

When a woman dresses sexy, most guys will get super turned on by it. It’s not often that women can plan out ways to get their significant other to desire them and feel the need to have sex. They don't want to lose the spontaneity that is necessary for a good sex life. Planning out the right outfits is an excellent way to get his attention. It can even get him to be spontaneous enough to jump your bones even after you have been together for a while. Just because you've grown accustomed to each other’s sexual habits doesn't mean it has to be a chore. Dressing the right way can often get his attention and remind a guy what turns him on about a girl in the first place.

Six Ways To Dress Sexy For Your Man

Here is a guide to choosing the right clothes that will turn him on and add some much-needed spice to your sex life:

Lingerie – This one should be obvious. Unlike some of the other types of outfits in the guide; it will be obvious to him as well. If you buy some sexy lingerie and he walks into the room to find you waiting on the bed wearing it, he’s going to know (without a doubt) what you want to do that evening. Just be sure that it’s colorful and revealing and take the time to find the lingerie that makes you look the sexiest.

Character outfits – These outfits can also be classified as role playing outfits. This is another type of outfit that makes it obvious that you are looking for sex. Show your man that you know what he likes by choosing an outfit worn by one of his favorite movie or TV characters or choose a general outfit that fits one of his fantasies. These outfits can include Cheerleader, Nurse, Policewoman, Schoolgirl and many others.

Cute and innocent – Most men are aroused when their significant other dresses in a way that reminds them of their youth. Some women avoid dressing like this because they see it as their man wanting them to look like a little girl. Put that out of your mind because that is not what this is all about. It’s about his significant other looking younger and nubile and reminding him of when you first got together.

See through clothing – This type of clothing can be very titillating to your man because it shows him that you are still sexy, but still, leaves something to the imagination. This can be transparent shorts that usually call for something to be worn under it or a very thin t-shirt that accentuates your boobs and the curves of your body. The more these clothes hug your body the better.

Clothes that fit loosely or drape over your body – I’m not talking about that oversize t-shirt that you wear to bed sometimes or your comfy jogging pants. I’m talking about thin and loose clothes that drape over you while you wait for your man to come to bed. Something you can let hang off your shoulder or something that gives him a peek at different parts of your body.

Soft clothes – The best way to remind your man how soft and supple you are is to wear clothing made of soft fabric. The fabric slides across your skin and ramps up the anticipation to actually touch you. Very thin cotton is good but the best types of fabrics to get this effect are silk and satin. Even polyester will work if you’re on a budget.

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