Do Hook Up Sites Have Guarantees?

Have you ever wondered if hook up sites that people join have guarantees? Well, I'm here to share everything I know about these sex guarantees and the sites that offer them.

There are many hook up sites that do offer guarantees. I'm sure you're not alone in wondering how hook up sites are able to confidently charge members. Have you ever wondered how they can offer guarantees and whether or not they actually work?

Well, you're certainly not alone with your thoughts on this topic. I've researched it for years and I've finally figured out exactly why they are able to offer these types of guarantees while at the same time charging for their services.

Hook Up Sites Have Guarantees The Work

For starters, I'm going to explain what they guarantee to every paying user that signs up to become a member of a dating site. For starters, you can read up on the typical "get laid guaranteed" policy that many dating sites offer. The page that I've linked to provides a really good breakdown of how it works and which sites offer these types of guarantees.

In short, what they do is guarantee that you will meet someone to have sex with and if you don't they will give you something as a reward for your efforts. The types of sites that offer these hook up guarantees are very reputable dating sites. You'll find these policies on sites like and other popular sites that put their company, brand, name, and reputation on the line guaranteeing that you will be able to meet someone for sex if you pay for their services. Many of them work like a charm too.

Have I Used These Guarantees?

You bet I have! The great news is that I've never really needed to re-up on the guarantees because I've always gotten laid using a small handful of sites that work like a charm. Sure, I've joined some bad sites but most of them that were bad were so awful that I didn't even bother to take any more action on them.

In summary, read the fine print before joining any dating sites and see if they offer some sort of guarantee. If they do, it's a huge benefit and you should consider joining that site because of that!

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