How To Attract Women

It's not easy to attract women today. That is, unless you spend a few minutes reading this article to find out the easiest ways to attract a woman in today's competitive society. It's not impossible, I promise. You'll attract them by doing this...

There are a ton different things that you can possibly do in an attempt to attract a woman. I'm not here to list all of them, only those most important. I've listed the must-knows to consider and if you don't know how to attract women then I'd suggest to read this from top to bottom. There are some simple no brainers that must not be forgotten when you are trying to attract a beautiful woman. Most men often screw a couple of the following rules up. If you want to take just a few minutes to let these tips sink in it may help capture the next lady you come in contact with. 

How To Attract Women

Rule #1. Don't be too shy or outgoing.

A lot of guys screw up this rule when meeting a woman for the first time. Ladies want to know that a man is confident and has a backbone so being too shy is definitely going to land you on the couch jerking off to crappy porn again. But being over outgoing might do the same as well. If you're yelling and causing attention to yourself some women will find this as a complete turnoff too. Find the right level and be respectful and acknowledge when in the presence of females. Try to make her laugh in a light way and it may add a few points too.

Rule #2. Dress nice.

Women like a guy that has some style. The guy in the ugly sweater vest and mismatching pants won't get any ladies if his life depended on it. Women want to stand next to someone that will "match" with them or make them look good or at least feel good. If you're dressed sharp and carrying a nice vibe to your physical appearance it will certainly catch the ladies attention versus the other guy. Don't forget the shoes and the watch too. These are crucial often first looked at items that must be good looking.

Rule #3. Don't worry, be happy.

Women like me that are happy with themselves and that bring a nice positive vibe to their lives. A "negative nelly" is like throwing fuel into the fire of a shitty day. It just plain old makes your day worse. Most women will try to avoid this. So try and stay on a positive note, keep a smile on your face and heck why not even try to make a woman you meet smile by doing something random and nice. That will really increase your chances with the women.

Rule #4. Don't go for sex right away.

If you go into talking to a girl with the mindset that you just want sex I can bet you she will figure it out. Most women are not attracted to this. Women are looking for someone they can share intimate times with as well as life adventures. If you're looking to pull the sausage out and run she'll be able to tell 9 out of 10 times. Play it smart and keep willy locked away and out of mind.

Rule #5. Try to flirt a little.

Flirting is a skill that many feel is a hard one to conquer. I tend to disagree. If you can just act smooth, calm and try and be "normal" with the ability to say a few nice meaningful yet not over the top things to a woman then you are able to flirt. You must flirt with the woman you are trying to attract but it must be done on a small scale. Keep it at a level that I like to call "sexy fun". Think of this as just beyond being office acceptable. And don't lay it on to hard or she's outta there for sure!

Happy Attracting and Report Back Soon!

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