How to Give Your Girlfriend a Facial

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Wow, you are lucky enough to get a girl who is willing to let you shoot cum all over her face, you have found yourself a winner. Indeed, there’s just something about jazzing all over your girlfriend’s face that is just too naughty to stand. Giving a facial isn’t necessarily tough to do, but there are some things to keep in mind. Here are some things that may help you along the way.

Convince an unwilling girlfriend

To convince the not-so-willing girl in your life to let you give her a facial, you’ll need to first bring up the topic as a hypothetical. Say something about how you were watching some porn or talking to a buddy of yours and you got to thinking about facials. She might be completely appalled by the idea, and she might love it. You never know how she is going to react unless you ask her about it. For an extra incentive, you can say that you will play into one of her fetishes in exchange for the facial. She might have some sort of fantasy harboring inside that she is just dying to get out. If she decides it’ll be okay to experiment, you can move on.

The setup for the facial

Once you have the girl in the mood, you need to prepare the area where the facial may occur. Since your cum is going to gert projectile, chances are it isn’t going to be targeted very well. Put a towel on the ground or be willing to wash your sheets right when you get done. If there is tile in the area, you can go there, but make sure she has a comfortable spot to lay down so that she can enjoy the moment too.

The actual facial

For the actual facial, you need to start off like normal. Do some foreplay with one another, give each other kisses all over, tease each other a little bit. You know the drill. After you are completely aroused and almost ready to explode, it may be best to give your girlfriend some oral sex so she can orgasm before you do. Otherwise you will have to make her go with jizz on her face. That is not exactly the idea time.

Set up a signal to tell your girlfriend when you are ready to cum, like a tap on her side or the classic “I’m going to cum!” Then whack off like normal and target your sperm to her face. You’ll probably see some eye squints, but overall this will likely turn you on immensely. Work in that frame of mind to have the best orgasm possible.

If the face is too much initially…

Go for her chest. Getting cum flying at your eye is a bit of a shell shock, so you may have to start with a basic cumshot and move up to a facial. Work with what your girl is willing to do because the moment in general is going to be hot. There’s no sense in getting picky.


MUSCL3N3RD / 30 / Man / Likes Women / Single

The last thing you want is a trip to the hospital and the Dr asking how you got cum in your eye . My Trainer who is also a Male Nurse( medical nurse ) said yea you don't want that too happen buddy it would be embarrassing for both of you .


Dutchess / 68 / Woman / Likes Men / Single

a lot of woman belive that cum is great for the skin so if you dont have a problem with it ..then go for it

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