How To Give a Sensual Massage

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Providing your partner with a sensual massage is a wonderful way to put him or her in the mood or simply relax the other person.  However, to give a top-rate sensual massage that will earn you rave reviews from your significant other, you’ll need to be sure that you are properly prepared and have planned ahead, since a marvelous massage is dependent on more than your skills as a masseuse.

Get some good massage oil

The first thing you will want to do is select a massage oil.  While a massage oil is not a requirement for giving a massage, it can enhance the experience.  You should consider choosing an oil that has a pleasing scent to both you and your partner.  There are also some wonderful sensual massage oils on the market that are heat activated, which can further heighten the experience.

Prepare an area for the massage

If you choose to use a massage oil, make sure you’ve prepared the area where you plan to administer the massage carefully, since the oil can be messy or permanently damage fine linens.  For this reason, you might want to place some comfortable, soft towels on your bed or sofa to protect the fabric if you plan to give a massage in either of those places.

Set the mood for a sensual massage

You should also plan to set the mood by considering the ambiance.  For instance, you will probably want to choose soft music that has little or new lyrics; classical and new age are good choices for massages.  Secondly, you should help create an inviting atmosphere by providing low and/or soft lighting.  Generally you want to avoid overhead lighting and go with candles or bedside lamps.  Finally, you can help create a more comfortable and inviting environment for a massage by making sure the room is warm, since you will want your partner to be completely nude without being distracted by a chilly temperature.  (Similarly, you might want to place the bottle of oil you’ve chosen in a bowl of hot water so it will be slightly warmer than room temperature when you begin.)

How to do the massage itself

Once you are ready to begin the massage, create enough friction by rubbing your hands together so that your hands are not cold either.  You will probably want your partner to begin by lying face down on the area you prepared, and it’s usually a good idea to start with the back or shoulders, which is where most people carry the most muscle tension.  Once you begin to apply the oil, try to make a conscious effort to always have at least part of one hand on your partner’s body the entire time, since breaking physical contact can form a disconnect or take either you or your partner out of the moment.

Get s few cues during the massage

Once the massage has begun in earnest, you’ll be able to take cues from your partner regarding what is most pleasurable.  Remember that you want to make the massage as erotic as possible, so your goal is not to completely relax your partner; rather, you want to entice.  Incorporate fondling, kissing, stroking – whatever it is that your partner responds to – into the massage to make it as sensual as possible.

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