my girlfriend wants to try anal.

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Reciently me and my girlfriend tried anal, it did'nt play out so well. my girlfriend and i have a really open sex life where both up for anything aslong as its not to weird, we tried anal the other day but she says it dont fit/it hurts to much all i know is that my penis is about 2 inches over average she thinks thats why, however i dont think it is. we put lubricant when we tried but it still didnt work out. what can i do to make it not hurt her?

P.s i like what you have done with the website its very usefull and all responces are friendly and Comforting well done and thankyou


AskMyGF / 28 / Woman / Likes Men / Single

Anal *does* hurt...seriously. I tried it probably two years ago with my husband and didn't let him back in until just recently. Something did change this time though. I was more open to it, for one, but I learned that when the clit is happy, the pain in the butt fades away :) Seriously, if you can get her nice and wet before you go in, keep her relaxed, and then reach around to play with her as you slide in, things should go smoothly. If she'd rather take control of that, buy her a finger vibrator so she can go to town. You must stay relaxed, use a lot of lube, and make sure she's distracted by satisfaction so she doesn't notice the pain. Then go nice and slow until her clit play makes HER pick up the pace. Then, well, you can figure out the rest :)

And thanks for the compliment by the way. I'll make sure the site owners see that :)

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