How To Ride a Man During Sex

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Getting on top of a man and riding him during sex is an awesome position, very pleasurable both for men and women. For men its great because they re usually the ones doing all the work, and with the girl riding them on top it’s the one position where they can actually lay back, relax, and watch the show. Besides, when you’re on top of your man it gives them a great view of you - rust me, every guy’s fantasy is to watch a girl’s rack bouncing.

Be in control

You don’t even have to worry about if the guy is going to reach orgasm or not, because men don’t have a problem achieving it; it’s the women with the complications. So when you’re on top, the best thing is that everything is under your control. You set the speed to whatever you want, and you set the wildness level of the sex to what how kinky you feel. It’s way easier for you to achieve an orgasm that way, and have sex that really satisfies you till the end. And the guy, he can achieve orgasm anyway.

When you get on top of your man, you’re actually switching controls. Although you can just do it anyway YOU like best and the guy will reach climax anyway, but if you’re kind, you should ask your men how they like it. You’re being the dominant one here and some couples find that kinky enough itself to get closer to reaching orgasm. You’re doing him instead of him doing you, get it?

Treat yourself to an orgasm first

The best way is to forget about the guy’s pleasure for a while, and have your own because if the guy orgasms before you, he’ll grow soft so you won’t be able to ride him anyway. But if you reach climax, it’s not like your vagina is going to disappear. So after you’re through (which is great because that’s a common complaint girls have, that their men are done before the women even started) then start asking your man how he likes it, how fast you should be, how hard you should give it to him, and how deep it wants it. He’ll orgasm in no time. So what do we have here? Viola! A perfectly satisfying night!

Change positions when riding

Getting on top doesn’t only have to be in one position. Even being on top branches off into all kinky methods, so you’ll never grow bored. Give your man some spice by trying all of the following out.

A simple approach to riding

Try to ride him simply, with your thighs bent in a sitting position, and your private close to his dick. Move forwards and backwards as though you’re on a rodeo bull! When you’ve practiced some, do this reverse style.

How to ride a bigger man

If he’s big, squat on top of him, with your feet resting on his thighs. Hold his hands for support, so that you don’t fall off when you start moving. Place his dick inside, and start bouncing up and down. It’s pleasurable, kinky, and it opens you up for easy penetration.

Lie on top of him aligning your private with his. Slip it in, and use only the flexibility of your back to create the momentum. It’s only your lower back and your bottom that you’re supposed to move, while the rest of your body lying on top of him relaxes. It’s somewhat like a missionary style lying down but only opposite, since the woman’s on top instead of the man. This position is pretty sensual since you can bite his lips, and kiss him while you’re at it.

Remember, practice makes perfect!


Longhornchick / Woman / Likes Men / In a relationship

I love riding my man.


Cathy88 / 29 / Woman / Likes Men / In a relationship

it also helps if he has a larger penis, you have better control over his thrusting :)


Julie / Woman / Likes Men / Single

Another benefit of riding a man is that you can reach back and caress his balls, pernium, and ass. A little ball play and a finger inside of him and my man is having the most inense orgasm possible.


TrueLoveSwallows / Man / Likes Women / Single

A slight variation of the woman on top position that is very satisfying is for both to be sitting with the girl on his lap. For example, the guy sits on a sofa and the girl sits on him while facing him. Benefits to this position are that the girl can maintain control of speed, penetration, etc. For the guy, it presents much easier access to the girls body than male dominant. He can easily caress breasts, ass, thighs, and provide clitoral stimulation with his free hands. Its a win-win for both.


Marisol / Woman / Likes Men / In a relationship

I have a question. My boyfriend and I do anal and occasionally he blurts out that he wants me to ride him. I have tried this once before on my hands and knees and found it to be very dificult to the point that he just took over again. We have discovered that doing anal with my legs open is painful for me. So how can I ride him without being in pain and so that it is pleasurable for him?


Candy / 52 / Woman / Likes Men / Single

I really like this postition ... Its works great on all sizes..


TrueLoveSwallows / Man / Likes Women / Single

I have a reservation here. Generally, I agree with what everyone has said about the pluses of the woman riding the man so that she can set the tempo and depth that is best for her. However, when the man is setting the pace he can alter it to keep from coming too soon. When a woman is top and setting the pace, it is often impossible for the guy to hold back. There is no way that he can slow down or not thrust as deeply if she is going all out. Sometimes the same thing that excites her most also excites him the most and causes him to cum quicker, which is the opposite of what you're trying to achieve.


The5thace / Man / Likes Women / Single

Your man also has the perfect opportunity to play with your clit during the intercourse. Getting on top of your man is rather natural with a bit of practice but you can get better at it come over to [link removed] for more tips and instructions on getting on top of your man.


MezzK / Woman / Likes Men / In a relationship

am in need of advise My sexual partner is a big guy and Im a plus size women & I have been trying to ride him but fine it uncomfortable and not easy I have ridden men before but they were much small in size... My question is how do I accomplish this while being comfortable and able to stay on him??

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