Alison Brie Gives Dating Advice on Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show

Alison Brie was on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon the other day. She spent part of her time giving some unqualified dating advice. Watch the video..

Alison Brie is a 32-year-old actress from Hollywood, California. Alison is in the process of filming a movie titled, How To Be Single. She's also a star of Sleeping With Other People (2015) and she spent some time with Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show the other day and low and behold, Alison was willing to give some unqualified dating advice to all the viewers!

Alison Brie Dating Advice on Farting

It was something that was somewhat unanticipated I think. She gave her personal opinion on it all. Even when it comes to guys and the appropriate time for them to fart. Of course, you have to have already met someone for this to apply to you. If you haven't I'd suggest checking out the best dating sites we're forever ranking. 

According to Time, Alison Brie actually stated that she finds, "farting very endearing," Brie then shared what time is and isn't appropriate for guys to "break wind". Alison Brie is currently engaged to Dave Franco and it seems that she's pretty comfortable and happy with him. I wonder if he farts around her? Good chance that he does. Check out the full clip below! 


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