How To Have Sex When Your Kids Are Home

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It’s a Friday, the onset of the weekend, and your husband is home early from work tonight. Tonight is about just the both of you, and you know you can keep up late since tomorrow is a holiday. You help yourself and your man with a drink, look into his eyes with passion and love, and he looks back into yours. You look deeper and realize they are speaking to you, your husband’s eyes that are a mirror to his soul are trying to say something… something deep… they say…


Wasting no time, you immediately slip into that sexy night suit of yours, and start foreplaying. You’re enjoying it, he’s enjoying it. You turn the ambient green lava lamp on, and the mood is perfect.

But suddenly, there’s a knock on the door. ‘Mom, the dog poo’d on the floor.’ You look back into your husband’s eyes which say ‘God, please no!’, and there we have it. A perfectly good moment is ruined.

So how can you actually have some quality love-making time with your hubby at home after you’ve got kids? Well the best time is when the kids are away, but they never are, are they? So can the mice play when the cats aren’t away? Well yes! There’s hope!

Convince your kids to go to sleep

If your kids are toddlers or babies, you can just feed them or give them a swing in your lap until they fall asleep, after which you have your quality time. But when they’re older, things aren’t so simple.

Teach your kids about private “mommy-daddy” time

The best way is not to have sex under their backs, or wait for a time when they are asleep, but to put your kids into the habit of allowing you a specific amount of private time from an early age. If you haven’t done that, then worry not, you can still put your kids into that habit now.

Start slowly and gradually, allot a comfortable time slot for yourself and your husband and turn it into a game for the kids. Tell them that they’ve got to learn how to become strong, brave and independent. Tell them they are “big boys/girls” now, so you’re going to test and see how well they do without you for half an hour. During that time set them to do an activity which doesn’t require the supervision of an elder. Like giving them a coloring book to fill, or playing their favorite cartoon on the DVD player. If they’ve been good kids, after your allotted time slot, give them a reward. Slowly, start increasing this love-making time you buy off from your kids and you’ll be in peace!

Use your nanny for sex (no, not in that kind of way!)

If you’ve got a nanny for the kids, well then there’s no problem at all. Given that you can trust your child’s nanny alone with the kid, tell the nanny to keep the children busy while you have sex with your husband!

Night time is the right time

You can also always have sex when your children are asleep, provided you’ve taught them to sleep alone in a separate room. This also needs to be done from an early age so your child is used to it, the earlier the better. Remember to turn the music on and create a sound distraction of some sort while you’re having sex, you don’t want the kids hearing you. Start following these tips now and improve your post marriage-sex life! because more than fifty percent of couples complain to have had a great reduction in their sex life after marriage. You don’t want to be like those boring old slobs now do you!

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