How to make sure the Hooker you hire is not a Cop

Don't hire a cop!

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Why do men pay for Sex with their Girlfriend?

For sex.

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What are the worst foods for Sex?

Eat these to get it down

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The best Nude Beaches in the world

Swimsuits not allowed

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How to have sex in the water. Yes you can, see how

Don't drown

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Furries. What are they? Watch to find out

Fur will be flying

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Dane Cook on Cheating

You should

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The six girls you dated in College

Statistically speaking

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How to never run out of things to say on a date

Regular conversation?

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Is there a best Pickup Line? Watch this to learn what it is

Observe and Report.

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This Cock Blocking video is not at all what you'll expect

The science of Cockblocking

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Are Hot Girls really attracted to Douchebags?

They may say no, but they mean yes

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Boy waxes about his time Loving his Teacher

I had a crush on Miss Blackwood.

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Butter. A Wheel. Guy Team. Girl getting undressed. Crazy Japanese Game Show

Sigh. Only in Japan

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What's Life Really Like for India's Eunuchs?

No so great, but watch anyway

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Is Lexington Steele Gay? Watch this to find out

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G Spot Video

G Spot Video