Kelly Ripa Wants All 10 Inches

Because 5.5" is just a little "underwhelming."

Nicki Minaj Got into Porn

Well, this video is pretty damn close at least.

Have you ever had sex in a Comic-Con costume?

Jimmy Kimmel asks a question I'm now dying to know the answer to...

Guy Asks 200 Girls to Have Sex in 1 Day

And he actually gets a couple "yes" answers...

Is being gay a choice?

This "Catholic" girl gives her personal take on whether being gay is a choice or not.

Tall woman finds love with Short Man in Brazil

Watch to see why you'll love this story

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How to do a Brazilian Wax on yourself

For educational purposes only

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Watch a full body Tantric Massage

Yup. It's real

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Is Breast Milk good for adults? Watch to find out how.

The breast, was always best

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Everything you ever wanted to know about Japanese Love Hotels

You have to visit the Hello Kitty room!

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Have you ever had sex in a Costume? Jimmy Kimmel wants to know

Comic-con is awesome

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How to have Cybersex in 1997

Must have 56K modem

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This might as well be porn...

Watch it, on mute...with some tissues nearby.

Hilarious Mall Dildo Prank

Worried your mom will find your sex toy stash? This woman showed hers off on purpose!

What Girls Really Mean

Learn the difference between what women say and what they REALLY mean

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The difference between Girls and Women

Big difference

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Why women cuddle

Louis CK gets to the bottom of it.

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Why do girls want to get humped by dogs anyway?

Watch to find out why

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The Greatest Animal Mating compilation

I think i got a little turned on with the Zebras

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Yes, you can eat a Horse Penis - In China

Surprisingly tasty!

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G Spot Video

G Spot Video