Watch how a 13 yr old boy pick up hot babes

confidence and swagger or too funny to be taken seriously?, Dating

Can a blowjob last too long?


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Watch this sexy girl ask guys if they want to have sex

If its a girl, its not perverted.

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Watch this perv ask 200 girls for sex in a social experiment

Well, maybe not so perverted.

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Good2Go App makes sure you get laid

Get drunk. Have sex. All consentual., Culture, Dating, NSFW

Kevin Hart's Long Dick Spelling Bee

You ain' never seen a long dick before? You gon' learn today! Alright, alright, alriiiiiight

Jim Found His Mom's Penis-Shaped "Back Massager"

When he was a kid, with his brother...and it was hilarious

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Is Sex Good? Votes Are In!

You know what we think, but how about some non-AMGers?

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Picking Up Girls after Insulting Them

Title says it all, you little piece of shit. ;)

Sexpectations vs. Reality

A look back on what we all thought sex was before having it.

Jennifer Lopez Grinds Her Ass on Iggy Azalea

Watch the two join forces in this ulta-raunchy booty-licious music video

Kelly Ripa Wants All 10 Inches

Because 5.5" is just a little "underwhelming."

Nicki Minaj Got into Porn

Well, this video is pretty damn close at least.

Have you ever had sex in a Comic-Con costume?

Jimmy Kimmel asks a question I'm now dying to know the answer to...

Guy Asks 200 Girls to Have Sex in 1 Day

And he actually gets a couple "yes" answers...

Is being gay a choice?

This "Catholic" girl gives her personal take on whether being gay is a choice or not.

Tall woman finds love with Short Man in Brazil

Watch to see why you'll love this story

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